break of the Franco-Prussian war●, and the evening after the b▓attle of Sedan.In man's esta▓te I was a non-participating obser●ver of patriotic demonstrations[Pg ●109] in Hung

ary; my heart beat fast at ▓home as well as

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in Hungary under t●he st

ress of sympathy.That was a rea●l storm of feeling.Here—wet ●stra

w that would not burn.Worse.An ▓obedient participation—woe to him who did not● participate! and then a sarcastic wink▓ felt as a compensation for the coercion j▓ust experienced. The differenc▓e was never clearer to me between free citizens▓ and Russian subjects, between national s●entiment and obedience, as at these pat▓riotic demonstrations under polic▓e supervision and inspiration. And ▓now I looked at the public more carefu●lly.Where was the people amon▓g the thousands sitting in the theatre, ▓or eddying up and down the colo●ssal halls not one hundred, not fifty m▓en or women in the dress of the common peo▓ple.All of it what is known ●in St.Petersburg as the gray ▓public, officials, busine

ss-men, ▓the class with an income of ▓two or three thousand rubles.I saw high-school● instructors, students with their girls, mod▓

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ated, these were absent, and▓ had to be absent, because they d▓o not possess the schooling that would enabl●e them at all to enjoy the offerings of the● Narodni Dom.The court may be persuaded[Pg ▓110] that w


ith such an institution they are mar●ching in the vanguard of civilization, and tha●t something of the future st●ate has been realized with an instit

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